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The Epitome of French Sneakers


HELMS® PARIS was founded in 2021 by Koji KAISE. The Paris-based Japanese ready-to-wear designer worked at Balmain, Givenchy and Fusalp before defining his vision of French sneakers. Timeless, casual, chic and comfortable. HELMS® sneakers speak for themselves. Two inserted , padded stripes appear at the rear of the shoe. Their contrasted hues highlight the shoe and the ankle and match anyone’ s style. An elegant take on geometry comes to life. Semi-circles of colors in 3D, rings of metal, lines of stitches and five golden stars merge into a quiet style. Purity inspires confidence and function meets ergonomics.

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Many graphic elements are a subtle nod to the iconic US Air Force Thunderbirds’ plane and old French plane painted with bold stars and stripes. The military influence has become an iconography of its own, just like the marinière T-shirt was originally part of the uniform of the French Navy. Also, the brand name stems from the Old Frankish language that swarmed across Northern Europe to end up in the English nautical vocabulary.



A timeless design, an eco-responsibility All sneakers are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Portugal where electricity comes from renewable energy. Trying to make with the materials durable and plastic free. Mainly we use the Italien leather without fossil material from LWG Approved Trader. Our outsole is made from almost 100% natural latex without fossil material. 90% natural latex rubber from Hevea rubber tree. 10% of colorant and coagulant. Our sole factory use 100% electricity from renewable sources. Hevea trees
consume CO2 more than theirs emission. HELMS® is also a step forward in terms of eco-transparency as 90% of the entire product is made of natural or recycled materials. Each pair of sneakers gathers smooth calf and Napa leathers, soft cotton shoelaces, pure Hevea-latex soles, recycled cotton shoe bags and a recycled cardboard box. The remaining 5% ‒ the footbed of the leather innersole ‒ is in plastic as no other sustainable materials have proven themselves comfortable enough. So far…